Dear Customer,

We are pleased to send you our first monthly TPL Holdings E-update. Our team has carefully compiled this e-newsletter for you to keep you abreast of all that’s happening inside the world of TPL Holdings.

Recovery of the Month

One of our valued customers had his vehicle, a Toyota Corolla Altis, Model 2006 snatched at gun point. TPL Trakker was able to find and recover the vehicle along with another stolen vehicle.

Regional News


TPL Holdings organized a charity event for underprivileged children.


TPL Holdings recently hosted a grand night of ‘Sawa 14 August’, a theatre play, and a lavish dinner at Al-Hamra Arts Council in Lahore.


TPL Direct Insurance Ltd. recently hosted “Sultana Daku” at Islamabad club, Islamabad.

TPL Holding’s Safety tip of the month:

Do not leave children inside parked vehicles. Avoid sitting in a parked vehicle at roadside or shopping centers.