Dear TPL Member,

We are pleased to share with you our December TPL Holdings E-update. Our team has carefully compiled this e-newsletter for you to keep you abreast of all that’s happening inside the world of TPL Holdings.

Recovery of the Month

A Daihatsu Coure Model 2010 was recovered. Due to device tampering it was not possible to immobilize the car when it was heading towards National Highway. However after chasing the culprit for 11Kms we succeeded.

Sales Trip to China and Thailand:

An incentive trip was organized for Top Performing sales personnel of different dealerships and our internal sales team. The tour comprised of 82 people collectively from North, South and Central region of Pakistan.

TPL Holding’s Safety Bulletin:

Personal Safety tip:

Use main routes and avoid badly lit areas, quiet residential/industrial/barren areas and single lane roads.

Vehicle Safety Tip:

Install a Vehicle Alarm System. The latest satellite vehicle tracking system not only secures your vehicle, but cares for the security and safety of your family.

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